February 10, 2011

Message from Deputy Vice Chancellor Pinson: New Online Flu Tool


On Thursday, we will launch a new online Flu Tool to help those with flu-like symptoms make decisions about whether to seek medical attention. This new tool may prompt questions and comments from patients and caregivers, so I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the tool so you can best respond.

The Flu Tool provides personalized guidance based on answers to questions about symptoms and underlying health conditions. It was developed by our team at My Health at Vanderbilt, and will be available on MyHealthatVanderbilt.com, VanderbiltHealth.com, and ChildrensHospital.Vanderbilt.org.

The goal is to offer guidance to patients about when home care might be sufficient, when they should call or visit a doctor because they may be a candidate for anti-viral therapy or when to seek immediate attention because of the potential for more serious illness.

Please go to VanderbiltHealth.com/flutool to preview the tool.

C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D.

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
CEO of the Vanderbilt Health System