February 22, 2011

Test of AlertVU System Scheduled for Friday, Feb. 25

Vanderbilt will conduct a full scale test of the AlertVU emergency notification system on Friday, Feb. 25, at 10 a.m.

All subscribers to AlertVU should receive the message: “This is a test of AlertVU. In a real event, this text will contain instructions and more info will be on www.vanderbilt.edu.”

AlertVU sends messages to the delivery points a subscriber chooses — cell phone (voice and/or text), phone land line or e-mail account — in the event of an emergency that poses an imminent threat or danger to the Vanderbilt community. It is available free to students, faculty and staff on a voluntary, opt-in basis.

AlertVU is an addition to Vanderbilt’s emergency notification tools, which include campus crime alerts, mass e-mails, websites, plasma screens, tornado sirens, etc. Those tools will continue to be used for the situations that warrant their use. In the event of a crisis, each system may or may not be operational, so planned redundancy should be included in communications.

Sign up

If you have not signed up for AlertVU and would like to, visit www.vanderbilt.edu/alertvu to register. If you need to check/change any of your information that you previously registered with AlertVU, you can also do that at www.vanderbilt.edu/alertvu. Anyone registering for AlertVU must have a Vanderbilt e-mail address.

We also now offer an AlertVU group on FaceBook. Anyone can join the group, which will receive a message any time the AlertVU system is activated.

Trouble shooting if you don't receive the test message

During the test, AlertVU subscribers should receive a message on all the delivery points they have selected.

If you have subscribed to AlertVU and you do not receive a test message, or you don’t receive it on all the delivery systems you had indicated:
• First, log into your account by going to www.vanderbilt.edu/alertvu and clicking on the “Access AlertVU” red button.
• Then, verify that your information is correct and click on the button to update your information. You will receive a message at your Vanderbilt e-mail address letting you know the information was successfully updated.

If you have problems with these steps, contact Johnny.vanderpool@vanderbilt.edu.

(Users who opt to receive alerts via text messages may be subject to charges from their service providers.)