February 22, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Urges Employees to Review Tornado Safety Plans During Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness Week

Feb. 20-26 is Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness Week and Vanderbilt’s Department of Emergency Preparedness urges all employees to review tornado safety plans.

Vanderbilt is one of 68 universities designated StormReady by the National Weather Service. The University contracted with a weather monitoring service, which tracks storm systems and issues alerts when the storms pose a threat to campus.

In addition to the overhead announcements, Vanderbilt's campus has five tornado sirens that will be activated if a tornado is detected and is within 15 minutes of reaching campus.

There are also sirens operated by the Metropolitan Nashville government, which are activated when a tornado warning is issued for any part of Davidson County. The sirens closest to the Vanderbilt campus are located in Centennial Park and Fannie Mae Dees Park. These sirens may be heard on the Vanderbilt campus while a tornado is not headed directly for campus.

Click here for more information on the Vanderbilt system including a sample of the sirens.

View the Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness brochure: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/images/ohx/PDF/swx2011brochure.pdf