April 19, 2011

Be Careful Not to Pay More Than You Need to for Shipping Rates

Fed Ex Rate Anomaly – 2nd Day a.m. Service
Be careful not to pay more than you need to.

Fed Ex has recently added a new service: “2nd Day a.m.” Normally, a second day service should be less expensive than any of the overnight services; however, that is not currently the case.

Our rates, through the Tennessee State contract, are substantially discounted. Because this is a new service, it is not included in the contract, so any shipments using “2nd Day a.m.” on our account will be at the full list price, costing more than our other discounted rates (such as overnight and other second day delivery).

This will be adjusted when the new contract is issued in January, 2012. In the meantime, we recommend you avoid using the “2nd Day a.m.” service. This anomaly only affects the “2nd Day a.m.” service. All other second day, overnight and other service rates are discounted.

Bob Peabody, MBA
Sourcing Officer

Vanderbilt University Procurement Services