April 19, 2011

2011 Annual Evaluation Reminder - Important VPES Enhancements for PAF Responsible Individuals and VPES Supervisors

As a reminder, staff performance evaluations are due April 30, (or by last business day of the month, Friday, April 29). Any performance evaluations created will incorporate changes which are primarily on the Policy & Safety Compliance page. You will also see enhancements to the VUMC Credo Behavior scoring examples.

If you have questions or need assistance with utilizing VPES, please contact your designated HR Consultant http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/compensationcontacts.php.

Based on feedback from you, our customers, we have recently completed system enhancements to the Vanderbilt Performance Evaluation System (VPES). Any performance evaluations created will reflect these new changes. These changes impact primarily the Policy & Safety Compliance page within a performance evaluation. We would also like to share with you some minor changes to the VUMC Credo Behavior Scoring Descriptors. Below is a brief overview of the changes.

Access to All Pay for Performance Evaluations
Staff members will be able to view all of their past performance evaluations regardless of how it was initiated via the “My Own Evaluations” link. This includes pay for performance evaluations initiated as a self evaluation, by the supervisor or by the supervisor assistant. These evaluations will be read-only, unless the staff member has access to a draft self evaluation.

Credentialing Application Tracking System (CATS) Interface
All BLS and HeartSaver information should be captured in the Credentials Applicant Tracking System (CATS), which provides a central repository for managing credentials. The status and date completed fields will automatically feed from CATS to VPES if the BLS or HeartSaver certification is a requirement for the job. If it is not a requirement for the job, please uncheck the “BLS or HeartSaver Certification Required” checkbox.

Information Icon
For each policy and safety compliance item, there is an information icon to the left of the item that will provide additional information about the compliance item. Please click on the icon for additional information on each compliance item.

Learning Management System (LMS) Interface
The Learning Exchange is available to use as a central repository for compliance information relating to Standards of Conduct, HR Policies, and HIPAA. The status and date completed fields for these items now have an option to automatically import from LMS to VPES. These fields may also be updated manually in VPES by un-checking the “Get LMS Status” checkbox. Ultimately, our goal is to only utilize this automatic feed option in the future.

Professional Credentials Verification
All professional credentials should be verified and documented in the Credentials Application Tracking System (CATS) system. Please use the “Verify Credentials” button, which links to CATS, located on the Evaluation/Staff Information page in VPES. If your professional credential is not listed as a license or certification in the drop down list, please contact your Compensation Consultant.

Visual Notification of Non-Compliant Status
For added awareness on the compliance status, we have added a visual notification for each compliance item that is not met. The item(s) not completed will be highlighted.

Scoring the VUMC Credo Behaviors
The Credo now has examples of behaviors that fit EVERY job at the Medical Center, clinical and non-clinical, research and education. The six Credo Behaviors have not changed; more general examples of what those behavioral levels look like have been included. These examples were the work of a number of leaders from HR, the School of Medicine and Medical Center Other departments.

Take a look at the examples for expected performance for each of the six Credo Behaviors at https://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/documents/Elevatesite/files/CredoLetter.pdf.

Use the Credo Behavior Scoring Tool for your staff evaluations and please remember the bullets are examples to guide your evaluation of the behaviors. https://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/documents/Elevatesite/files/Revised%20VUMC%20Credo%20Behavior%20Scoring%20Tool.pdf

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these enhancements to VPES, please contact your designated Compensation Consultant http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/compensationcontacts.php.