April 21, 2011

Internal Funding Opportunity - Call for Proposals (Melbourne and Vanderbilt University Partnership)

The Melbourne – Vanderbilt University Partnership (MVP) was established in 2007 to give the academic communities from both universities opportunities for exchanging ideas, collaborative research and joint publication.

In 2010 several new MVP initiatives were announced, including a commitment to seed jointly the development of new and newly initiated research collaborations through establishment of the Melbourne – Vanderbilt Partnerships Grants Program. The Program will provide up to $50,000 per project each year for two years to assist researchers at both universities in bringing together and enhancing their respective research capabilities through collaboration.

It is intended that this support will enable development of novel and mutually beneficial research that will enhance the depth and impact of research collaboration between the two institutions.

To compete successfully for an award, applicants must demonstrate that their proposed collaboration has the potential to enhance existing research at both institutions, is of the highest quality and has excellent prospects for securing follow-on funding from extramural national and/or international sources for continuing the collaboration. T

he Partnership Grants are one-time awards that cannot be renewed for additional funding. Proposals are due no later than June 30.

Complete details and application instructions are available here: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/dsr/quicklinks/internal-grant.php

Additional Information:
Vanderbilt University applicants seeking further information should contact Elizabeth Rapisarda, assistant provost, at 322-3684 or by e-mail at elizabeth.rapisarda@vanderbilt.edu