April 21, 2011

Medical Center to Bring Parking and Shuttle Operations In-House

After 30 years, the longstanding parking management contract between Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Central Parking is expiring June 30, thus creating an opportunity for operational change.

The partnership with Central Parking has been a very positive relationship for Vanderbilt. However, explosive growth in overall patient volume in recent years has posed logistical challenges that can perhaps be more effectively addressed from within the Medical Center. Therefore, effective July 1, VUMC will assume full management for all patient/visitor, faculty and staff parking.

“We recognize the importance of that first impression our parking staff makes on our patients and visitors," said Ken Browning, director of Facilities and Construction for VUMC. "We believe that having parking staff working directly for the Medical Center creates the opportunity for these employees to become more fully integrated members of our team as we all strive to make the entire patient care experience its best. Central Parking has done everything asked of them over the years, but we feel VUMC has the in-house capability to take over this dynamic operation.”

Gary Streaty, director of VUMC Parking and Transportation Services, will be the point person to implement this transition and be responsible for it’s ongoing operation. Streaty has more than 19 years of experience in university parking programs.

“Gary came to VUMC from UCLA when his wife, Stephanie, transferred with Nissan corporate. He managed a large in-house parking operation at UCLA and has a special interest in customer satisfaction not only for patients and visitors, but for faculty and staff as well,” Browning said.

“Gary recently reorganized the parking permit registration process, which has been extremely well received. I am totally confident in his leadership ability and share his excitement as we move forward. Our goal for this transition is for it to be completely transparent.”

Faculty and staff should know the following about this transition:

• Staffing levels for parking will not change as a result of this transition
• During the transition, all Central Parking staff currently assigned to Vanderbilt will be given selection priority over external applicants
• Transferring to Vanderbilt’s employment will be a voluntary choice
• Compensation levels for parking staff will not change
• Central Parking is committed toward facilitating a smooth transition.