May 17, 2011

VUmailguard Vendor Changes

ITS will change the vendor that provides VUmailguard from Proofpoint to Forefront Online on Wednesday, May 25. VUmailguard is the service which provides anti-spam and anti-virus protection for email. ITS expects that users will notice minimal differences with this change.

A comparison of features of the current VUmailguard provided by Proofpoint to the new Forefront Online can be accessed at here.

On Monday, May 16, ITS will implement Forefront Online for Vanderbilt email. Between May 16 and May 25 it may be necessary to check Forefront Online as well as the current VUmailguard service for email that is quarantined as spam. Users concerned about email that might be categorized as spam should go here and login using your email address. This interface is currently available. The first time, click on "need a password" to request a password. The user will receive an email with a link to set up your password. Users will receive a digest email three days after their first spam message is detected. Podcasts are available here for additional instructions.