May 26, 2011

Urology Research Study: Self-intermittent Catheters

Vanderbilt's Department of Urologic Surgery is conducting a clinical study to evaluate the performance of a new urinary catheter. In this study you will assess two catheters with different lengths to determine your preference of catheter length and how easy they are for you to use.

Participants must be:

• Male and at least 18 years of age

• Wheelchair bound

• Self-catheterizing at least three times a day

• Using self-catheterization for at least two months

Requires two clinic visits in two weeks. Second visit may possibly be done by mail and phone. Catheters will be provided. Catheterize on your own schedule. Participants will receive compensation for the time needed for participation in this study.

If interested please contact:
Brenda Hughes, R.N., at 343-0445 or Consuela Olden at 343-0961.