July 7, 2011

VUH-Medical Center North Tunnel Closed for Repairs Early Morning Monday, July 11

Plant Services plans to repair flooring in Light Hall at the first floor entrance of the Medical Center North/VUH Tunnel on Monday, July 11,  from 12:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m., which will require closure of the tunnel. LifeFlight Event Medicine will be providing transportation for any patients requiring transport to and from the Round Wing during this time.

Two alternate routes for faculty and staff have been established which include the 2nd Floor Plaza to the D2100 entrance or the VUH Basement Tunnel. Plant Services Staff will be posted at both entrances to the tunnel to direct faculty and staff to the alternate routes. Signage will also be placed along the alternate routes to direct faculty and staff through the detour.

If you have questions, please contact Plant Services at 322-2041.