August 9, 2011

From VUMC House Organ: "Days of Miracle and Wonder"

From the cover story in the VUMC House Organ, "Days of Miracle and Wonder," by Jessica Pasley, with photographs by Joe Howell:

Normally, parents don't rejoice at the sight of a wet diaper.

But this situation was different, because Jada Daves knew if her toddler son Shafer's diaper was wet, that would mean his new kidney was working, which would mean his transplant was successful.

And it meant even more to Jada, because only hours earlier, the kidney that was now working in Shafer's body had been in her own. Amazingly, her kidney had been a good match for her son.

"When you hope and pray and you want something so badly, you sort of hold your breath," said Jada. "It was beyond words knowing the kidney was functioning—it was euphoria."

Read the whole story, and watch a video with Jada's own words, at the House Organ Web site.