September 27, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Office Urges Personal Disaster Planning for Employees

During September, which has been designated National Emergency Preparedness Month, the Office of Emergency Preparedness will give away an emergency preparedness kit each week. To take a short quiz and register for the giveaway, go to

From the Vanderbilt Office of Emergency Preparedness:

Are you and your family prepared for an emergency?
Emergencies can last a few hours to a few days and even weeks. They come in all forms including tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, contagious outbreaks such as a pandemic flu and even man-made acts.

You can do a lot to prepare yourself and your family.

• Prepare a disaster supply kit

• Prepare a car kit

• Establish a specific meeting place

• Practice or drill what to do in an emergency

• Volunteer and get trained to help during and emergency

• Learn First aid or CPR

• Educate yourself