September 6, 2011

ITS Offers Guidelines on Making Long Distance Calls During V-Net Outages

Information Technology Services has experienced intermittent issues with authorization codes (V-net) for long distance calls in recent weeks. While work continues to resolve the underlying issue, ITS will continue to take necessary actions to ensure that administrative phones (including fax lines) are able to make long distance calls during any intermittent outage of the authorization code service.

If a situation arises where V-net codes are not operational, please follow the procedures below:

Place long distance calls directly by dialing 9-1-area code-number. The long distance charges will be billed to the extension of the telephone that made the call.

Fax machines and pre-programmed dialing devices will need to have the authorization code removed from the programming to allow direct dialing.

Users who have phone service that does not require using an authorization code will have no problems placing long distance calls.

If you continue to experience problems placing long distance calls which require an authorization code, or cannot place calls dialing 9-1-area code-number, please call the Vanderbilt Operator (0) for assistance.