September 8, 2011

ITS Requests Feedback on New Catalog

Information Technology Services has deployed a new catalog in eProcurement for ordering ITS products and services as an alternative to using paper processes. ITS invites our customers to participate and provide feedback.

What’s required:
Knowledge of eProcurement
For groups that do not currently use eProcurement for purchasing, follow these steps:

1) Individuals who currently fill out the 1180, Purchase Requisition, etc., need to be set up in eProcurement as Creators.

2) Individuals who would approve the purchases need to be set up as Executor for the center numbers they are authorized to approve purchases.

3) To set up all roles (see also Reviewer, Viewer, etc.), please go to this link:

4) Procurement provides on-line training for these roles at: and click on the training tab. Valid VUNetIDs and passwords are required to access the training. It is advisable that creators and approvers should complete this training right away.

Understand the ITS offering

1. There are two methods for ordering products and services, the vendor catalog and a free form requisition for products not yet in the catalog. Step-by-step training for both methods is included in the on-line training mentioned above.

2. This catalog will now send email confirmations to customers. In order to receive confirmations, a user MUST make sure that their profile in eProcurement includes their valid Vanderbilt email address.

3. The catalog includes many products and services offered by Information Technology Services, with more being added in the upcoming months.

4. Feel free to order items that are not included in the catalog using the free form requisition, with the exception of software, as compliance rules prevent us from processing those items. They must continue to be purchased through the Vanderbilt Software Store (or other sources).

5. Free form orders require hand entered price information. For a detailed list of our prices see our website at

6. For both ordering processes you must select the correct account number.

Please see below for commonly used accounts on ITS orders:

1. 61300 – Phone and voicemail
2. 61310 – Long distance V-Net and Calling Card
3. 61315 – Cell phones
4. 63877 – Data ports

Note on Billing: Though all orders will be made using eProcurement, ITS will continue billing through current ITS billing processes.

Also, eProcurement may show a single charge, but many services have recurring monthly charges. Moreover, because billing is not done through eProcurement, ITS orders will remain open orders in that system, i.e., they will show as an encumbrance on your ledgers.

When appropriate, these encumbrances can be removed by submitting a request to:

Customers may note that some items in our catalog are priced at .01. These items either are no-charge services or items where the price is not defined at the time of ordering. They are priced at .01 due to a limitation in eProcurement at this time that does not accept items with a price of 0.00.

This is expected to be changed this fall, at which time we’ll change item amounts to 0.00. For those items where the price is not known at the time of the order, a Customer Service Representative will be in communication with the customer to clarify pricing.

Once you have had an opportunity to order from this catalog, we would appreciate your feedback. We have created a survey at:, and we would appreciate your input.

We look forward to your partnership in this endeavor, as we are part of a more green and sustainable organization. Should you have questions pertaining to this new catalog, please contact ITS at 1-1611.