September 22, 2011

VUMC Recognition Asks: Have You Thanked Someone Today?

VUMC Recognition is a convenient way for anyone to thank a colleague and recognize a personal or professional milestone, and is an online source for great e-cards that can be sent to any Vanderbilt faculty or staff member.

• Want to thank someone for a kindness or for demonstrating the Credo?

• Need to let someone from another department know that you appreciate their help?

• Appreciate a co-worker switching shifts with you?

• Forgot a co-worker’s birthday?

• Need to send a sympathy card to a colleague?

To send an e-card, go to

Click on VUMC Recognition, sign in with your VUNet ID and password, click on Recognition Center to select and create either a Life Occasion e-card or Performance e-card.

If you want to learn more about how to use the system, the Learning Exchange has a new resource for everyone that demonstrates how to use the VUMC Recognition system, including a Recognition Participant Demo
and a Recognition Award Giver Demo.

• For general questions about VUMC Recognition, contact Heather Cohen

• For budget and award giver questions, contact Sherry Howard