October 11, 2011

Lessons Learned at the Pool Carry Over into Medical Career

In college, Ashley Rowatt Karpinos, M.D., was an elite athlete, one of the best NCAA swimmers in the country.

She says the dedication and work ethic she brought to the pool continues to serve her as she seeks an unorthodox combination of specialties in her medical career.

Sure, the uniforms are different — a swimsuit, cap and goggles versus a sterile white coat, blue scrubs and a stethoscope. The environments distinct — an Olympic-sized swimming pool compared to patient clinics and hospital rooms.

But Karpinos has always approached swimming and medicine with the same attitude, ideals and philosophies.

“Successful swimmers and successful physicians both require an ability to be in constant pursuit of self-improvement and in a process of self-renewal,” she said. “I am continually figuring out what I need or want to be better at, and devising a plan to get there.”

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