October 25, 2011

Children with autism needed for study

The Social Emotional NeuroScience Endocrinology (SENSE) Lab is investigating how children play together. We are looking for 7‐14 year old boys and girls with autism, PDD‐NOS, or Asperger’s to be part of our research.

Participation involves visits to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center:
1. Psychological Testing: (1‐2 hours)
2. Social Interaction or play! (1 hour)
3. Research MRI (2 hours)
4. Hormone administration with blood draws (1‐2 hours), 3 visits
*Families may participate in all or some of the visits

In order to thank you for your help with our research, we offer compensation for each visit and a research letter which provides your child’s results from cognitive testing during the first visit.

For more information, please contact Blythe Corbett, Ph.D. (615) 936‐0280 or SENSELab@vanderbilt.edu.