October 27, 2011

Vanderbilt Staff Community Survey ends Monday, Oct. 31

Help make Vanderbilt an even better place to work by completing the online, confidential Vanderbilt Staff Community Survey.

How to take the survey
• Look for an email that was sent on Monday, October 17, from carleym@hrsolutionsinc.com with a subject line of Important: Vanderbilt Staff Community Survey Oct. 17-31. This email includes your unique survey code and has directions for taking the survey.
• If you didn’t receive the email, or if you deleted the email, please go to www.hrsolutionsinc.com/vanderbilt2011 and click on the link to retrieve your access code. You should also have received a reminder email this week. Or, you can contact Carley Meyers, Project Manager for HR Solutions, at 312-863-6106 or carleym@hrsolutionsinc.com and she will give you your code.
• If you aren’t sure who your supervisor is, the survey provides a useful set of definitions to help you.
• If you don’t have a computer, contact the Employee Service Center at 343-7000 for a schedule of computer labs.
Quick Facts
• The survey has 58 questions and is administered by HR Solutions, a vendor in Chicago.
• Part-time and full-time staff as of September 20, 2011, who work at the university and medical center are eligible to take the survey.
• Each staff member has a unique survey code. Please do not share your code with another staff member; each code can only be used once.
• No one at Vanderbilt has access to the code list, so the results remain confidential.
• If you work in a small department, your answers will be combined with other responses to ensure confidentiality. Leaders will not receive results if fewer than 5 people in their work area responded.
• Learn more on the Staff Community Survey website.
If you have questions, please contact the Employee Service Center at 343-7000 or human.resources@vanderbilt.edu.