November 1, 2011

Children ages 10-14 needed for reward study

Participant Criteria: 10-to-14-year-olds, with and without ADHD

Description: How does the brain respond to rewards in adolescents? Are there differences in how adolescents with ADHD respond to rewards compared with those without ADHD?

For this study, we will ask parents and their children to come for up to three visits:

• During the initial screening visit, we talk with the parent and child about the child's health and well being. The child will answer some questions and complete a urine drug testing panel. This visit will take about two hours.

• During the second visit, the child will solve some puzzles and play some computer games. The child will also have a practice session in a mock MRI scanner. This visit will take between one and three hours.

• During the third visit, we will do the MRI brain scan. During the MRI scan, the child will play games and will have the opportunity to win up to $50, which the child will keep. This visit will take between one and three hours.

We are studying differences in the way that the brain responds to rewards in adolescents with and without ADHD using fMRI scanning.
Interested parents and their children should contact us to determine their eligibility for this study.

Compensation: Each child will receive up to $160 for participation in the study ($20 for each visit and between $30 and $100 playing computer games) and their parents will receive up to $60 ($20 per visit).

Visit requirements: Three visits lasting between one and three hours.

Contact Information
Melissa Ellsworth, study coordinator
(615) 936-2080

Principal Investigator: Margaret Benningfield, M.D.

Other researchers: Ronald Cowan, Ph.D., M.D., Melissa Ellsworth