November 15, 2011

Clinical work station log-ins to begin phased-in change Nov. 30

Clinical Workstation (CWS) users will notice a change in log-in procedure, developed by Medical Center Operations and the Informatics Department.

Beginning Nov. 30, users will begin to see change on their CWS and by Dec. 7 all stations will have the new sign on screens.

Users will be transitioning to only one ID and Password (VUNet) for CWS and StarPanel sign on. Nearly 12,000 employees will be impacted by this change, which will be made in three phases:

Phase 1: CWS sign-on box displays option to log-in with VUNet ID.
After a clinical user selects the option to sign on using their VUNet ID, the sign-on box will display with the gold background. However, an option is available to uncheck a box to change back to the RACF (white background screen) sign-on if needed.

Phase 2: ALL CWS display the gold sign-on box with VUNet ID as the default. To log on with a RACF ID, user must uncheck the box but still has an option to use either VUNet or RACF ID.

Phase 3: By the final phase, VU Net ID will be the only available option for CWS sign on.

During the time these changes are being made to the CWS sign on process, changes will also be made to StarPanel sign on screens. Users who access StarPanel from an administrative workstation will also have the option to use RACF or VUNet initially, have VUNet as the default option as phase 2 and have only VUNet option by phase 3.

“We believe the masses will welcome this change with open arms,” said Karen Hughart, director of Systems Support Services at Vanderbilt. “This is all in response to user requests throughout the years to eliminate a second sign on.”

According to Hughart, there will be a few exceptions to the Single User ID requirement. Employees using EPIC and MEDIPAC, the outpatient and inpatient registration systems, will continue to use RACF ID for those particular applications until an updated program is introduced.

SecurID tokens are slated to be migrated to VUNet ID in January.

“The use of VUNet ID for the CWS and StarPanel is certainly a giant step toward moving us in a common direction. Our staff will be thankful that this is one less ID and password they need to remember,” Hughart said.