February 2, 2012

International Scholar Program to hold competition for student exchanges

The Vanderbilt International Scholar Program (VISP) announces a competition for international graduate student exchanges of four to 26 weeks duration.

VISP will support all travel and visa costs, as well as provide a housing subsidy of no more than $1,000, for international graduate students traveling to Nashville to perform collaborative research in a Vanderbilt biomedical science research laboratory. VISP will not provide stipend support, as it is expected that the student will be receiving such support from their home institution. VISP will also not support the research costs of the visiting student.

To be considered, please forward the name and CV of the potential visitor, a description of the research project/collaboration including the proposed time frame, and plans for housing the visiting student to the VISP coordinator, Amanda Connolly, at Amanda.k.connolly@vanderbilt.edu, by March 1.