February 2, 2012

Request for proposals: 2013 Basil O'Conner Starter Scholar Research Award Program

The March of Dimes Foundation is seeking applications for the 2013 Basil O’Conner Starter Scholar Research Award.

This award is designed to support young scientists just embarking on their independent research careers and is limited, therefore, to those holding recent faculty appointments. The applicant’s research interests should be consonant with those of the Foundation.

All letters of nomination for this award should be addressed to the senior vice president for Research and Global Programs and provide required information via the foundation’s online system at http://researchgrants.marchofdimes.com/boc. The information required is:

• Title of the proposed research project.
• Nominator’s name, academic appointment and contact information.
• Candidate’s name, academic appointment and contact information.
• Candidate’s CV or biosketch in NIH format.
• An abstract of the proposed research.
• The letter of nomination (due by March 15) may be submitted by post, fax, or email. If submitted by email, it must include the file containing the letter of nomination as an attachment and be sent to BOCNominations@marchofdimes.com. The nomination letter should contain information about the candidate’s faculty appointment, independence and facilities available, including his/her laboratory space.

The entire process must be completed by March 15, 2012.

Please note that the Basil O’Connor applicants may not be recipients of a major grant (e.g. an RO1, or other grant exceeding $200,000 per year) at the time of the application. Candidates may not simultaneously submit an application for any other March of Dimes research program. Those who have previously submitted an application to the March of Dimes are not eligible for this award, but may apply for a regular research program.

For more information on this award opportunity, please click on RFP.