April 5, 2012

Three- and 5-year-olds invited to participate in a social development study

Three- and 5-year-olds are invited to participate in a social development study.

Three-year-old (30-42 months) and 5-year-old children (54-66 mos.) whose primary language is English.

We are interested in young children’s understanding of a person’s social characteristics, such as gender or language. Does that affect their learning from that person?

We ask you, the parent, and your child to:
1) come for one 45-60 minute visit to our playroom on Vanderbilt’s Peabody campus
2) share information about your child's development, vocabulary and media use
3) watch short video and live demonstrations of different people demonstrating how to use new toys. Your child will then be allowed to play with the new toys.

Book or small toy

Visit Requirements
One 45-60 minute visit

Principal Investigator: Kate O’Doherty, M.S.
Faculty Advisor: Georgene Troseth, Ph.D.

Call the Early Development Lab at 283-0442 or email trosethlab@gmail.com.