June 26, 2012

Vanderbilt teams up for the DREAM7 Systems Biology Challenge

The Center for Quantitative Sciences (CQS) is organizing Vanderbilt teams for participation in the DREAM7 Systems Biology Challenges.

DREAM, short for Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods, offers researchers the chance to submit competitive proposals to provide a variety of solutions to an essential systems biology question with the hope of providing the top solution for a chance at publication.

The CQS is seeking to form one to three teams consisting of faculty, staff and students, no later than Friday, June 29.

To find out more, please log onto the DREAM website and review the challenges by following this link the-dream-project.org/challenges and contact Jill Shell at Jillanne.k.shell@vanderbilt.edu if you are interested in participating. For additional questions, please contact Vito Quaranta, M.D., professor of Cancer Biology, at vito.quaranta@vanderbilt.edu.