July 31, 2012

Reminder about Vanderbilt Employee Parking at One Hundred Oaks

Recently, the administration of Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks was asked to address Vanderbilt employees illegally parking in front of the building in spaces designated for the facility’s retail tenants. As a reminder, no Vanderbilt employees are allowed to park in front of the facility in retail-designated spaces while at work.

Areas where Vanderbilt employees are not allowed to park include: the front of the mall, the movie theater parking lot or in front of other outparcels such as Logan's Roadhouse, Cheeseburger Charlie's and the Guitar Center, except when on personal medical business or when visiting as a retail customer.

Vanderbilt employees are allowed to park in the rear of the building, southeast of Entrance A, or in select parking spaces located on the north end of the property. Spaces located on the north end of the property are outlined with yellow lines. To identify these spaces, if there is a yellow line on both sides of the parking space, this is a designated Vanderbilt parking space.

There are also a limited number of spaces on the front north side perimeter of the property. These spaces are also outlined with yellow lines (see map). There is no employee parking outside Entrances C, D, E or G.

Please see the map above which indicates designated OHO employee parking areas highlighted in yellow.

Beginning immediately, Vanderbilt employees found parking in spaces other than those designated for employee parking will be subject to a $100 fine from VUMC Parking and Transportation Services. For some violations, vehicles will be towed from the property by the facility’s property management.

Vanderbilt employees who work elsewhere but visit the OHO campus from the 21st Avenue campus, Williamson County or other destinations to attend meetings or conducting other business are required to park in the visitor spaces located at the A entrance only or be subject to ticketing or towing.

For questions about employee parking at One Hundred Oaks, please contact the VUMC Parking and Transportation Services office at 936-0686.