August 30, 2012

Typically developing infants ages 2 months to 17 months needed for study on learning about objects and actions in infants

Typically developing infants ages 2 months to 17 months are needed for studies on learning about objects and actions in infants.

Early experiences are especially helpful for promoting optimal development in all children. However, there is still much to learn about what kinds of early experiences are beneficial to infants and why. This research investigates how infants learn and how the experiences they have early in life may contribute to infants realizing their full cognitive potential.

To participate, you and your infant would come to our playroom on Vanderbilt's campus for one to three visits, depending upon the study you participate in.

The one-visit studies take place all within our playroom facility on the Vanderbilt campus. During your visit, we would video record your baby playing with toys and watching others interact with toys.

The multi-visit studies involve an at-home component as well, which would consist of you and your baby playing with some special mittens and toys that help your baby succeed in his or her attempts to reach for and hold the toys. We will ask you to use these toys when you play with your baby once a day until you visit again. On the second and third visits we will watch and video record your baby play again.

Compensation includes a T-shirt, toy or book.

For more information, contact Amy Needham or Ariel Borten at 322-3630 or