September 13, 2012

Central Garage south stairway and adjacent sidewalk to be closed for construction Sept. 17 through Dec. 16

From Monday, Sept. 17, through Sunday, Dec. 16, the Central Garage south stairway will be closed because of construction.

In order to ensure pedestrian safety it will also be necessary to close the sidewalk on the north side of Pierce Avenue between 21st Avenue South and Medical Center Drive for the duration of the construction project.

Signs and barriers will be in place directing pedestrians across the street to the south side of Pierce Avenue.

Pedestrians exiting and entering the Central Garage on the ground level should use the stairs or elevators on the east side along 21st Avenue South, the west side along Medical Center Drive or the north side along Dixie Place.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this construction project, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 936-0686 or by email at VUMCParkingandTransportation@Vanderbilt.Edu.