September 17, 2012

Glaucoma symposium to begin Thursday, Sept. 20

The Vanderbilt Eye Institute will hold its biannual symposium,  "Regenerative Medicine in Glaucoma," on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 20 and 21.

Lauded as one of the premier meetings in the ophthalmological community, the symposium hopes to promote the exchange of current information and ideas among basic, translational and clinical scientists.

The two-day gathering will be held at the Vanderbilt Marriott Hotel.

“Our goal for the 2012 Vanderbilt Eye Institute symposium is to promote new advances in our understanding of the neural basis for vision loss in glaucoma and how regenerative and rehabilitative medicine could lend themselves as promising approaches to a cure,” said David Calkins, Ph.D., vice-chairman and director of research at VEI.

This year’s event is supported by the Glaucoma Research Foundation under the auspices of its "Catalyst for a Cure" program.

“The symposium will include a broad range of participants to foster cross-fertilization between tissue engineers, stem cell biologists, pharmacologists and geneticists as well those researching the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in glaucoma more generally,” Calkins said.

For further information contact Calkins.