September 20, 2012

University requests that Vanderbilt e-mail accounts not be forwarded to private accounts

A recent audit of Vanderbilt's Information Technology resources found a
percentage of University and Medical Center faculty and staff who are
forwarding all e-mail messages from their Vanderbilt e-mail accounts to
personal e-mail addresses.

Since e-mails forwarded to outside commercial e-mail service providers
are not captured through Vanderbilt's system, this practice presents
potential legal and logistical issues for the University. Increasingly,
e-mail serves as a form of permanent record for the University and can be
necessary as a legal record or transactional documentation which can be
legally required in some instances.

The only way to create permanent records of these transactions is for
e-mail messages pertaining to work-related activity to be sent through
Vanderbilt's e-mail system. The University is requesting that effective
Sept. 27, all work-related email activity be conducted using Vanderbilt's
e-mail systems.

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Keen, director for Service
Delivery and Project Management in Information Technology Services, at