October 16, 2012

Children 6 to 17 needed for research on the development of speech perception

Children who are 6 to 17 years old are needed for research into what happens in the brain as children become experts in speaking and understanding English.

Researchers will ask families to come for up to four visits.

During the first visit, children will be asked to:

• Take part in a short set of assessment activities
• Make decisions about sounds they hear
• Wear a stretchy, damp cap that records the child's brain activity while watching a movie of their choice

Those who are interested and qualify based on a set of criteria (such as lack of metal in the body) will come back for up to three more visits.

During these additional visits, children will be asked to:

• Answer questions and take puzzle-like tests
• Practice laying still in a pretend MRI
• Lie still in a real MRI scanner while watching a movie of their choice

$10 an hour plus travel compensation and testing bonuses.

Contact Information
Hilda Fehd, Ph.D.