December 27, 2012

A Message from Deputy Vice Chancellor Pinson about Community Giving

Dear Colleagues,

I’d like to take a moment to bring to your attention the annual Vanderbilt Community Giving campaign that is under way and ends on Dec. 31. In past years you may have thought of it as the “United Way” campaign with your donation deducted each paycheck throughout the year. This same campaign has become “Vanderbilt Gives,” but remember your donations and payroll deductions DO NOT continue without renewing each year.

We heard you on key concerns and have made changes. While the United Way and its affiliated agencies are part of the campaign, so too are other federations — Community Shares, the Nashville Public Education Foundation, and Community Health Charities of Tennessee.

This year we asked Community Shares to administer our campaign and they readily agreed to reduce the overhead charges down to 5 percent. I believe that $42,000 on an $850,000 campaign is a reasonable and appropriate amount to run the campaign website and provide staffing to collect and distribute funds, and provide service to our campaign. The agencies agree to and appreciate this effort on their behalf. Many would not be able to do the outreach or manage donations without it. I hope you are as pleased as I am about this change.

In addition, we sought to relieve burdens from department administrators who were previously asked to distribute and collect cards. While it made the campaign more visible, the suggestion was made not to use internal resources, but to make donating easy so that people could make them directly online or, if need be on paper, but directing the form to a central location.

As one of the largest employers in Tennessee, our communities rely on Vanderbilt’s good support to care for friends and neighbors in need of food, shelter, clothing, education, safety and other needs. For decades, we’ve been known for our generous giving and I hope you’ll renew a past donation or make a new one before the year ends. Gifts to the community campaign remain tax-deductible contributions. Payroll deduction makes it simple to spread your gift out over 12 months if you wish. You may be as general or specific as you wish in directing your contribution to the agency of your choice.

Please visit the Vanderbilt Gives – Building a Community with Hope site at and click “Give Now.”

If you prefer, complete a form ( which you can print and scan back to or mail it to HR in care of Ann Hudson at PMB 407700.

Thank you, happy holidays and best wishes,

C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D.
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Chief Executive Officer, Vanderbilt Health System
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs