January 29, 2013

"Tabula Rasa: Vanderbilt University Journal of Medical Humanities," seeks submissions for theme "Tick Tock"

"Tabula Rasa: Vanderbilt University Journal of Medical Humanities" is accepting art and written submissions for its 2012-2013 issue, which will have the theme "Tick Tock." The deadline for submissions is Feb. 1.

How do people — patients and their families, health care providers, students and members of the community — experience the passage of time in medicine? For some, time moves with agonizing slowness, while for others, it rushes by in leaps and bounds.

This year's issue of "Tabula Rasa" explores this subjective perception of time; writers and artists may wish to recall the past, speculate on an uncertain future or evoke a memory where time was of the essence.

Submissions are welcome from the public. Please include your name, title, address and phone number, as well as a brief bio and picture that will accompany your piece if selected.

Please send submissions or any questions to vutabularasa@gmail.com.

The "Tabula Rasa"' website is here.