March 7, 2013

New TRIAD leadership roles announced

Staff of the Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) are assuming new leadership roles, said Zachary Warren, Ph.D., TRIAD director and associate professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Special Education.

Pablo Juarez, M.Ed., has been named administrative director of TRIAD Professional Development and Training. This team provides educational training and consultation to teachers, psychologists, administrative staff and school districts throughout Tennessee and the region. This includes a large training contract with the Tennessee Department of Education to train educational staff in evidence-based educational practices for children with autism and related disabilities.

LaTamara Garrett has been named program coordinator for Early Childhood Training, which includes contracts with the Tennessee Department of Education to conduct regional training for early childhood educators. Garrett is focused on expanding the impact of such training and developing new methods for training such as establishing model classrooms.

Whitney Loring, Psy.D., is now program coordinator of Families First, a free training series for parents of young children with autism. For the past five years, Families First has provided this training to more than 1,500 family members across our region.

“With the ever growing need for autism services, we need training leaders who can translate cutting-edge science into sustainable educational practice,” Warren said. “We are very fortunate to have leaders that understand this critical need and have the vision to realize training programs of true meaning and impact.”

TRIAD is a Vanderbilt Kennedy Center program dedicated to improving assessment and treatment services for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families while advancing knowledge and training.