May 7, 2013

Mail security tightened at VUMC Post Office

A message from the VUMC Station 17 Post Office:

Station 17 has been reviewing our policy on safe mail handling with the USPS and with Emergency Preparedness here on campus. In the effort to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff and potential recipients of our mail, we will be instituting a couple of improvements which may impact you. These are designed to reduce the chances that an “anonymous” piece, meaning one we don’t know the origin of, might enter our mail stream.

1) If no one is in our sorting room at B-0106 MCN, the door will be locked. A sign will be posted, directing customers around the corner to our window service in this case.

2) We will no longer pick up any USPS packages that are left near the UPS pickup boxes in the MCE lobby and near the ATM’s on the second floor of MCN. There is signage in both locations noting this.

If your department would like to cover this subject in your staff meeting, we recommend using the VUMC mail safety guidelines in the Emergency Operations Manual, which may be found online here.