May 9, 2013

Sprint Nextel service to end Sunday, June 30

Sprint Nextel service, which has 520 active phones being used for push-to-talk service at Vanderbilt, will end on June 30. Sprint will no longer utilize the Nextel system after this date. Sprint, Verizon and ATT have push-to-talk services and devices.

A Group of Rapid Response managers formed a test group made up of responders from both the adult and Children’s Hospital departments who tested Push-to-talk devices and the cellular networks at Vanderbilt during February and March.

“I’m confident that the test group has thoroughly researched all carriers and has come up with the best system to replace the Nextel system,” said John Morris, M.D., professor of Surgery and Biomedical Informatics and associate chief of staff for Emergency and Transition Management for the Vanderbilt Health System. “It’s critical that we have the best systems in place to optimize our patient care.”

The Vanderbilt departments who use Nextel will need to replace the devices before June 30. Approximately 110 Sprint Nextel devices are currently used by the Rapid Response and STAT teams. These devices will be migrated to the ATT Push to Talk solution. Departments not part of the Rapid Response System are being contacted about changing out their Nextel phones.

For more information about the change, contact Judy Wakefield-Whitley, project manager with Information Technology Services at 322-5839 or