May 16, 2013

Oxford House Writers Meet-up is today

Attention all writers searching for a creative home. Presenting the Oxford House Writers Meet-Up.

Thursday, May 16
6-7:30 p.m.
Oxford House, 901 Conference Room

Writers of all skill levels are welcome to join in the fun. We will be exploring many different genres of fiction and creative non-fiction. So if you are the writer who is struggling to finish that novel, or someone who loves the art of Haiku, or the budding lyricist who might be, unconsciously, humming along to the next big hit, we will have something sure to inspire and sustain your writing needs.

This will be a very non-formal meeting. It will be a time for you to relax and just enjoy a bit of self-reflection. You will be given the opportunity to share your work (if you like) and receive feedback from peers, while also learning different ways to improve and eventually master the craft.

Meet-Ups will occur every other Thursday.