June 18, 2013

Bilingual preschoolers needed for language study

Studies in the Language Development Lab at Vanderbilt University explore how children learn new words. For this study, researchers are interested in how monolingual and bilingual children ages 3-5 learn words and how parents explain the meanings of words to their children.

During the study children will be read stories by a researcher and a parent. Researchers are interested in when children notice that a word is new to them and what parents say when children ask them questions about new words. A researcher will also teach children new words for some familiar objects. We are interested in how much extra information children need to learn a new word for something they already have a name for.

Participants needed: children ages 3-5
Compensation: children receive a toy or a book for taking part
Visits: one
Contact: call Lindsey or Rebecca at 343-8721, or email rebecca.m.jacobson@Vanderbilt.Edu.