June 7, 2013

VUH initiative under way to improve patient flow

A detailed analysis of VUH patient flow was conducted between last November and March by some 60 leaders, residents and patient care staff, supported by a team of consultants.

They turned up four main opportunities: earlier initiation of discharge planning for each patient; greater coordination for patient arrivals via the ED, post-anesthesia care units, cath lab and clinics; and optimizing workflows for patient transport and housekeeping.

Some 100 leaders and frontline staff have divided into four teams charged with planning and testing improvements. Initial changes are under way and further changes will continue to roll out through the summer.

The project is sponsored by Mitch Edgeworth, VUH chief operating officer, and Stephan Russ, M.D., assistant professor of Emergency Medicine and VUH assistant chief of staff. For more information contact Elizabeth McClanahan, project manager, elizabeth.a.mcclanahan@Vanderbilt.Edu.