June 13, 2013

Children over 6 years old needed for sensory information processing study

This research study investigates how individuals with typical development and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) process sensory information.

Investigators are hopeful that this research will help to promote a more thorough understanding of the possible (multi)sensory differences found in individuals with ASD.

The study requires one session between 90 minutes and three hours. The parent or caregiver will be asked to answer some questions and complete some questionnaires. The participant will run study tasks on a computer that involve responding to auditory and visual information, and also answer some questions.

Participant Criteria

Individuals who:

o Have an autism spectrum disorder (ages 6 and older) or who are typically developing (ages 6-18).

o Are likely to be comfortable working on a computer for two hours, and can verbally respond to a task.

o Normal or corrected to normal vision and hearing.


$10 gift card per hour

For more information, contact Mara Rivera at Mara.a.rivera@vanderbilt.edu.