July 16, 2013

Vendor representatives have new procedure, use daily passes

VUMC recently partnered with Vendormate Credentialing Services to manage policies and procedures regarding vendor representatives. Among the changes were the implementation of a daily pass system in place of the previous system of annually renewed badges for vendor representatives.

“Vendor representatives play a role in working with our staff and faculty, and the Vendor Credentialing office was created to make sure that these interactions are appropriate, productive, beneficial and in compliance with not only Vanderbilt standards but also JACHO and CMS,” said Ophelia Battle, the vendor liaison in Medical Center Support Services.

Under the new Vendormate system, vendor representatives are required to sign in electronically to obtain an identification badge.

“With current credentials, representatives will be able to print a single-use identification badge that is to be worn throughout the visit to any Vanderbilt University Medical Center facility,” Battle said. “Staff and faculty should now look for the paper daily passes instead of the yearly badge, which is no longer valid.”

Vendor representatives who visit satellite locations are also required to sign in, but will be able to do so remotely from their office, and will then be able to print a badge to show when they arrive at a satellite location.

For more information about the new process, contact Battle at vendorliaison@vanderbilt.edu.