September 26, 2013

Diagnostic Laboratories to switch to new system Saturday, Sept. 28

On Saturday, September 28, the Diagnostic Laboratories will implement the Cerner Millennium and CoPath laboratory information systems (LIS) and a new automated chemistry line by Abbott Diagnostics.
The new LIS will provide a host of improvements that will benefit patient care, including a direct orders interface with HEO and VOOM, improved specimen tracking, accurate record of ordering providers, and addressing ICD10 requirements and Meaningful Use. Chemistry test turnaround time should greatly improve with the Abbott system, due to state of the art automation, less manual processing, and reduced downtime.

HEO/Wiz and VOOM will have scheduled downtime 10:00AM – 12:00 Noon on September 28 to make needed changes. Routine lab tests needed by 12:00 Noon should be ordered and performed before the 10:00 AM downtime if possible. During the two hour downtime, all providers should follow downtime procedures for ALL orders, not only Laboratory. The Laboratory will remain operational and test results will be sent to StarPanel.

When the HEO/Wiz, VOOM, and Cerner/CoPath systems are back on line, pre-existing repeating lab orders will be discontinued in HEO/Wiz and VOOM and reordered. Systems Support will provide on-site support in inpatient areas and Operations Systems Engineers will support in Saturday clinics.

Some chemistry reference ranges will change as a result of the new instrumentation and test methods. The new reference ranges will be reported with each test in StarPanel beginning September 28 and will be available in the on line LabVU test directory. LabVU can be accessed through an icon on workstations or at Pediatric reference ranges will be more extensive with Cerner as the Laboratory is adopting pediatric reference ranges from a Canadian study that were validated on the Abbott chemistry system being implemented. A spreadsheet with both the current and new reference ranges is now available on the LabVU Welcome page at

Also, effective when the systems come back up on September 28, staff performing point-of-care glucose testing, GEM testing, and hemoglobin A1C testing, will enter/scan the patient account number, rather than the medical record number, into the testing device. This process change will better ensure that test results are attached to the correct patient visit.


Lab-ready labels on inpatient units and the EDs will not be implemented now but are scheduled to be put into place in the next phase.

For questions or additional information on the LIS please contact George McCulloch, Deputy CIO, Hospitals and Clinics, or Candis Kinkus, Administrative Director, Clinical Laboratories. For information on the chemistry system or reference range changes, contact, James Nichols, Ph.D., Medical Director, Clinical Chemistry.