September 5, 2013

Occupational Health begins Peer Vaccination Program

The Occupational Health Clinic has announced the Peer Vaccination Program, which expands access to flu vaccine by allowing designated staff to vaccinate coworkers.

Who is eligible?

  • Department must have a designated medication refrigerator, inspected by the pharmacy.
  • This medication refrigerator must have a temperature log, checked twice daily.
  • Peer vaccinators must be a licensed nurse, pharmacist, or physicians' assistant.

To sign up:

  • Managers must complete the Manager’s Registration Form, will need department name and number (as listed in PeopleSoft) and cost center.
  • Managers must complete a separate registration form for each department they wish to register.
  • Managers must select staff to be peer vaccinators, and email the instructions (emailed to you once registration is completed) to those designated vaccinators.
  • Peer vaccinators will complete brief (five minutes) training on the program.
  • Returning peer vaccinators must re-register each flu season.

Registered vaccinators can begin requesting influenza vaccine and administering shots Monday, Sept. 9, (provided flu vaccine supply is available in the pharmacy). Specific instructions for ordering flu vaccine, and documentation of flu vaccine administered is available on the Peer Vaccination Program web page.

Departments will be reimbursed for vaccine administered to faculty/staff, once in December and again in April.

If you have any questions, contact Occupational Health at or call 936-0955.