October 8, 2013

Responses to the Vice Chancellor's Suggestion Box

Topic: Mail/Printing


Suggestion: Respondents to the Vice Chancellor’s Suggestion Box have suggested that Medical Center departments look at reducing the use of printed materials.

Yes! There are many times when postcards, brochures or other printed materials delivered via campus mail or to our homes could be replaced by electronic communication, and we are being ever more aggressive in pursuing those options. At the same time, we must recognize there are instances when printed communication is necessary. Not every Medical Center employee has an active email account, so in order to communicate the same information to these individuals we must on occasion rely on printed products. Sometimes a combination of the two methods helps us reach the maximum audience within our workforce.

While we can’t completely do away with all printed materials, we should work to be ever more strategic when considering how to best reach the intended audience. The Medical Center and University Central underwent a comprehensive publications audit more than a year ago. At that time we ceased production of a number of print publications. Over time, there are likely to be further cost reductions of this nature.

Other suggestions regarding printing were focused costs associated with copying and the use of copy/office paper. We appreciate these suggestions, and as we go through operational redesign we look carefully at these expenses.

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