September 17, 2013

Youth with autism diagnosis who are leaving high school needed for research study

Youth with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum who will leave high school at the end of this year (fall 2013 or spring 2014) are needed for a research study. Youth with all levels of intellectual ability are eligible for this study.

The question of the study is, "What happens during the transition to adulthood for youth with autism spectrum disorders?"

Leaving high school is a time of great change for all youth, but especially for youth with ASD. This research study will examine the changes that happen for youth with ASD during this time as well as the factors associated with a positive transition. We will be looking at stress response, behaviors, services and the family environment.

The study will involve:

  • Detailed psychological testing of youth with autism (first visit only)
  • Collecting samples of the son or daughter's saliva for four days (four times each day) to measure cortisol (a stress hormone)
  • Interviews and questionnaires for parents
  • Verbal youth may be asked to complete a public speaking task (second visit only)

You will receive a report summarizing the results of your son or daughter's psychological testing. Parents have found that being able to provide documentation of an updated evaluation for their young adult has been helpful in the adult service world in a variety of ways.

Compensation: $40 for each visit and a report of the evaluation

Visit Requirements: three visits over two years

Contact Information: Natalie Henninger, 343-4145 or