October 3, 2013

Children 19-21 months old needed for language studies

Studies in the Language Development Lab explore how infants learn to understand speech. In one study, researchers are interested in how infants learn to understand speech about absent things. The experimenter will talk about a toy hidden in the box and ask the child to find it. Sometimes infants will find the mentioned object, sometimes a different object. We are interested to see if they continue searching after having found the “wrong” object.

In the other study researchers are interested in what information infants can use to understand ambiguous requests for an object. Two experimenters will play with a child one after the other. Each will show your child a toy. The toys will be of two different colors, but otherwise identical. After that one of the experimenters will present the child with the two toys and ask the child to give him one. We are interested in what kind of information infants can use to choose between the two identical toys.

  • Participants needed: 19-21 month-old children. Children will participate in both studies during a one-hour visit to a playroom on the Vanderbilt campus (Peabody College).
  • Compensation: Children receive a toy or a book for taking part
  • Contact: lab assistant at 343-8721 or email Maria Osina at maria.a.osina@vanderbilt.edu.