October 1, 2013

Message from the Office of Sponsored Research about governmental shutdown

During the past few days, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has received communication from varying federal agencies regarding their operational plans in the event of a federal governmental shutdown.

It has yet to be determined the plans for all agency submissions, however, for investigators who are considering submitting a grant application to the NIH, please be advised that this morning the NIH issued information outlining the impact of a lapse in appropriations would have on the grantee community. For NIH applications, NIH strongly recommends no applications be submitted and advises the safest course for submitting applications is to wait and submit any application to NIH after operations resume. Once operations return to normal, NIH will issue an update providing adjusted submission dates.

If you are considering submitting an application to the National Science Foundation (NSF) via FastLane, please know the FastLane proposal preparation and submission portal will be unavailable. The NSF has informed grantee’s that once normal operations resume, the NSF will issue guidance regarding any funding opportunities that have a deadline or target date that occurred during the government shutdown. The NSF will not be available to respond to emails or phone calls during the shutdown, but will respond to inquiries as soon as practicable after normal operations have been resumed.

The OSP is monitoring the situation closely and should you have any questions related to an upcoming grant submission please contact:

Office of Sponsored Programs
Vanderbilt University
1400 18th Avenue South, 3rd Floor
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 875-6070