January 7, 2014

Staff survey focus groups begin Jan. 13

As you may recall, the first phase of the Vanderbilt Staff Community Survey was held Nov. 4-22. The next phase of the survey will begin Jan. 13, when our survey partner, Avatar Solutions, will conduct more than 90 focus groups with employees selected at random from the entire staff database.

If you are selected, you will receive an email with this subject line: “An invitation from Pam Brown to participate in an employee focus group.” If you are invited, we hope you will participate because your feedback will help us improve the employee experience at Vanderbilt.

Here are session details:

  • Each focus group session lasts one hour.
  • Sessions are facilitated by our outside vendor.
  • You will not need to sign in, and no one will track attendance.
  • You did not have to take the survey to participate.
  • Your comments will be kept confidential. The facilitator will collect insights, but no identifying information will be included. The vendor will compile the information into a report that will not identify any participants.

See the survey website for more information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Employee Service Center at human.resources@vanderbilt.edu or 343-7000.