February 11, 2014

Medical Center Staff Advisory Council requests grant applications

The Medical Center Staff Advisory Council (MCSAC) is requesting applications for its next round of grant awards. These funds are intended to benefit staff, faculty, patients and/or Vanderbilt affiliated community projects. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications that benefit the VUMC community and will have a lasting impact or which may lead to future programs.

Applications will be evaluated based on the impact to the VUMC community, the need and the likelihood of success. Applications will not be evaluated on the amount of monies requested, but on the detail in the application.

MCSAC grants are generally considered one-time grants and are not intended to support annual requests for a program or project. However, programs or projects that merit such consideration can be submitted and will be reviewed with the understanding that future funding is not guaranteed.

MCSAC grant awards may not be used for any of the following:

  • Routine departmental items
  • Renovation of physical facilities
  • Telephone services
  • Laboratory or office furniture
  • Dues, professional memberships or journal subscriptions
  • Recruiting fees
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Computer equipment
  • Personnel salary support

MCSAC funds as many applications as possible; however, as funds are limited, the council will not accept any applications for projects or programs over $1,000.

Grant awardees will be requested to present their project to the council. The council also requests that grant awardees provide a summary of the project or program outcome as well as how funds were spent at the conclusion of the project/program.

Guidelines and application materials can be requested by contacting staff council treasurer Dana Campbell at dana.campbell@vanderbilt.edu.

Grant applications are due by Friday, Feb. 21, and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by March 14.