July 29, 2014

Adults needed for study of visual perception and neurotransmitter levels

A study of visual perception and neurotransmitter levels is under way at Vanderbilt, and researchers need adult volunteers.

Principal Investigator: Randolph Blake, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Jocelyn Sy, Ph.D., Kevin Dieter, Ph.D., Kevin Waddell, Ph.D.

This paid, three-session study will measure the relationship between rates of perceptual alternation and levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter, in the brain.

1. The first session entails behavioral tasks to measure visual acuity and binocular vision (see wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binocular_rivalry ) ($20).

2. The second session entails watching a movie while you lie still in a magnetic resonance machine (see wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_Resonance_Spectroscopy) ($30).

3. The third session entails more behavioral tasks to measure binocular vision ($20).

Completion of all three sessions will also add another $30 completion bonus in payment. Payment will be made by check within two to three weeks of the study's completion, for a total of up to $100.

Confirmed experiment scheduling is required for all three sessions.

Confirmation is contingent on the completion of an online screening form, that will be emailed to you once you email Jocelyn Sy that you are interested in participating in the study. The purpose of the screening form is to ensure that you fulfill the criteria for the study and that you are MRI safe.

Sy will then contact you to schedule the each session and confirm your experiment participation. If you do not qualify for all aspects of the study, the information that you entered in the screening form will be deleted. All your information is always confidential.

All three sessions will last 75 minutes and must occur on three consecutive days and will occur on the Vanderbilt University campus. Please do not sign up for the study if you are not available to complete three sessions within 24 hours of each other. The times within the day can be semi-flexible. Researchers will attempt to accommodate your schedule. Some weekends are possible with enough advanced planning. Researchers would be able to schedule you anytime within the next couple of months. Just let us know what works for your schedule.

Researchers are looking for healthy adults older than 30 with normal or normal-to-corrected vision in both eyes (should be able to see at arms distance without corrective lenses or with contacts and have normal color vision) and is MRI safe (no metal implants, not claustrophobic or pregnant).

Participant Criteria
Healthy adults older than 30 with normal or normal-to-corrected vision in both eyes, who can safely have an MRI.

Up to $100 tax free.

Visit Requirements
Three visits on three consecutive days.

Contact Information
Jocelyn Sy