August 28, 2014

Football season opener to impact driving and parking today

The Vanderbilt football season begins tonight with a nationally televised game against Temple. Kickoff is 8:15 p.m.

The game will provide an excellent opportunity to gain national attention as it will be just the second televised by the new SEC Network. It’s a chance to showcase some of the exciting happenings on our campus.

As with last year’s opening Ole Miss game, the Thursday date requires adjustments to the normal parking scheme.

Among the changes:

• Those who park in the 25th Avenue Garage may park there as usual but should be aware that between 5-8 p.m. the garage and the streets around it will be congested with people coming to campus for the game.

• Medical Center staff members who park in the N Lot will be asked to park in the 25th Avenue Garage on Levels 4-11, in the South Garage on Levels 5-7 or in the West Garage on Aug. 28. The Blue Shuttle will provide transportation between the 25th Avenue Garage and the Round Wing and will pick up at the Highland entrance of the garage. Shuttle service will be extended to provide transport between the West Garage and the Round Wing.

• Jess Neely Drive will be closed from Natchez Trace to 25th Avenue and Natchez Trace will be shut from Children’s Way to Kensington Place beginning at noon that Thursday. No parking will be allowed on Vanderbilt Place between Natchez Trace and 31st Avenue on that Thursday.

• Lots 29B, 64, 71, 72A, 72B, 73 and 73A will be closed on Aug. 28 to accommodate necessary preparations.

“We appreciate the patience and understanding of those who may be inconvenienced by these modifications,” Assistant Vice Chancellor Brock Williams said. “We have worked hard to ensure that the impact of this football game has a minimal effect on the daily business of the University and Medical Center.”